iSponsor providing you and AQIA the future of fundraising.

Available to: Eligible Clubs and Organisations

Provided by: AQIA

Free fundraising platform for AQIA members.

In its simplest form iSponsor is a new and innovative way to fundraise and find sponsorships for sporting clubs, charities, and P&Cs. We connect local businesses to these organisations through a simple and easy-to-use shopping app.

The easy to use iSponsor app promotes ‘shopping local’ – for everything from food, drink, and fashion, to electronics and retail. A portion of funds raised through the app are then given directly to local charitable organisations, so everyone wins!

We create sponsorship opportunities for sporting clubs of all shapes and sizes. There are more than 127 different sports being played in Australia with more than 33,000 clubs and over 7 million participants. iSponsor is there for every club – no matter how big or small – to help you grow, and thrive.

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Richard Siganto, iSponsor Founder

Ultimately, we all want to keep our community
fit, healthy and happy. I’m driven to make that
change and ensure others are presented with
opportunities I was not.

Assistance and Support for Organisations and Clubs

We aim to make it easier to run local fitness, sport and recreation organisations and clubs. Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance provides free one-on-one advice on how to apply for and win grants, free access to club management templates and tools, fact sheets, videos, legal information, advice on staffing and volunteer matters and subsidised Strategic and Business Planning audits and workshops.

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