Upcoming Trends in the Fitness Industry

The Fitness Australia survey for business members identified “Exercise is Medicine” will be the hottest trend in the fitness industry for 2020. Barrie Elvish, Fitness Australia CEO advised “having our members identify exercise as a medicine as the top trend for 2020 reinforces that preventive health should be at the top of the Australian health […]

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Activate Queensland 2019-2029

Activate! Queensland 2019–2029 has been developed in consultation with the Sport Minister’s Advisory Council, members of which are proud to support this new collaborative direction for physical activity and movement in Queensland. […]

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Blueprint for an Active Australia 2019

This publication is the result of collaboration between the Heart Foundation and Australia’s leading experts on Physical Activity. It presents an irrefutable and urgent case for change and presents evidence-based actions that can form the basis of a community-wide approach to address the major public health problem of physical inactivity. […]

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2018-19 Annual VET Investment Plan

The establishment of the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training during 2017–18 has provided a significant opportunity for the Annual VET Investment Plan to work in closer partnership with a range of other programs and services to provide all Queenslanders and small businesses with the opportunity to develop the skills required to participate and prosper in the economy. […]

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Physical Activity across the life stages

Participating in regular physical activity and limiting the amount of time being sedentary can have significant health benefits—it reduces the risk of chronic conditions and other disease risk factors such as overweight and obesity, and also improves social and emotional health and wellbeing. […]

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Research Report: Future Skills and Workforce

Queensland’s fitness, sport, recreation and racing industries contribute to the State’s social and economic health outcomes by helping to incorporate physical activity in the daily lives of Queenslanders, contributing to preventative health measures, improving workplace productivity and supporting local economies. […]

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Muscular Fitness Report 2018

Australian children and young people do not move enough each day. We know this from convincing evidence that shows only a small portion of kids get enough daily ‘huff and puff’ activity. We do not prioritise movement like we should — movement needs to be a part of our everyday experience and something that is the default, not the exception […]

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Insufficient Physical Activity Report

Insufficient physical activity is a key risk factor contributing to disease burden in Australia. Given it plays a role in chronic conditions, it is important for Australians to achieve the levels of activity outlined in Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary behaviour guidelines. […]

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Assistance and Support for Organisations and Clubs

We aim to make it easier to run local fitness, sport and recreation organisations and clubs. Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance provides free one-on-one advice on how to apply for and win grants, free access to club management templates and tools, fact sheets, videos, legal information, advice on staffing and volunteer matters and subsidised Strategic and Business Planning audits and workshops.

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